2020: Futures in Focus

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Philadelphia Futures kicks off a new decade with the unveiling of their new strategic plan.

At Philadelphia Futures’ 2020 Annual Conference, the organization unveiled their new strategic plan: Futures in Focus.  

Philadelphia Futures began the strategic planning process in January 2019, following a successful leadership transition and the achievement of the major milestone of its previous strategic plan, including organizational integration following a successful merger.

As the organization reflected on its history and strengths, and engaged with different stakeholders throughout the planning process, it became clear that Futures was at an inflection point. The strength of the organization lies in its comprehensive support for students from grade 9 through college graduation, and the next five years present an opportunity for Futures: to build on the successes of the prior strategic plan, and leverage proven organizational strengths to grow its impact in the region. 

Philadelphia Futures’ new vision for the future is a city where every student has what they need to succeed in college and thrive in life. Their updated mission supports this new vision: Philadelphia Futures supports low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college.

Through three strategic priorities – Expand, Deepen, and Sustain – Philadelphia Futures plans to achieve this vision and mission, and ultimately open the doors for more students to access the organization’s proven strategies that support college success.  One of the core components of the “expand” priority includes implementing a campus-based model to provide its direct services in a new way.  Futures will begin to provide direct services in both Center City Philadelphia and neighborhood-based locations. These neighborhood locations will be called “campuses” to reflect Futures’ emphasis on college access and success, and will be located at schools or community-based organizations. Students from various schools will be able to attend these campuses.

“Ultimately, with this new strategic plan, we hope to significantly contribute to increasing the number of students in the Philadelphia School District who enroll in and graduate from college.  We want to be a part of a city where every student has what they need to succeed in college and thrive in life,” Sara Woods, Executive Director of Philadelphia Futures, said at the Annual Conference.

Learn more about Philadelphia Futures’ new strategic plan by visiting www.philadelphiafutures.org/strategicplan

Relive the 2019 Annual Conference on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages or search for #PFAnnualConference2020.  Photos of the event will be posted to Philadelphia Futures’ Facebook page.


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