We are proud of all that you have accomplished as alumni of Philadelphia Futures. You are the living embodiment of the success of our program and role models for our current students.  We encourage you to stay in touch through membership in the Philadelphia Futures Alumni Association, and on the Philadelphia Futures Alumni LinkedIn network as well.

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There are a variety of ways to Get Involved with Philadelphia Futures.  We welcome your participation and engagement!

Reconnecting with Philadelphia Futures

Are you a Futures alum? We invite you to come back, share your story, and stay involved with Philadelphia Futures. Your life and your accomplishments serve as an example and a road map for what our current scholars can do with grit, hard work, and perseverance.

A Note from an Alum

I am sitting here trying to come up with words to explain how Philadelphia Futures and their partners changed my life, but I cannot seem to find a way to capture the magnitude of that change and my appreciation for it. They have a unique way of addressing an injustice found in the education system in Philadelphia. They do this by providing stipends which alleviate financial concerns from students and parents alike, after school programs, SAT preparation, summer programs and internships, instruction on writing college applications, scholarship essays and much more. They even provide resources for students in college to help them graduate. They have made my journey to attain an equal and fair education much more attainable and I am grateful to be an alum of their program. I would rate Philadelphia Futures higher than 5 stars, if it was possible.

– Jon Gomez

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