Philadelphia Futures has formed groundbreaking, strategic partnerships with fourteen colleges and universities that understand the value of a diverse student body, share our dedication to equal access to education, and commit to providing our Sponsor-A-Scholar and College Connection students with comprehensive on-campus support and significant financial aid packages.

College Partnerships

Our partner colleges have made more than $44.9 million dollars in institutional aid available to Philadelphia Futures’ students and have provided significant on-campus services to support their college success. Our students who attend partner colleges succeed in record numbers – the projected graduation rate for students enrolled at partner colleges is 88%.

List of College Partners

Student Testimonials

Gabrielle Yip

Northeast High School ‘18
Arcadia University ‘22

Arcadia University was the best fit for me because I wanted a school with a smaller classroom setting and an astounding study abroad program. Being able to have a ‘first name basis’ relationship with my professors will help me excel and feel more comfortable asking questions in class. Studying abroad will open up more opportunities and help me network with people from across the world.”

David Ly

George Washington Carver High School of Engineering & Science ‘18
Haverford College ‘22

“I chose Haverford College because I visited multiple times and came to love the small campus atmosphere. I really value the freedom to explore different majors and the flexibility that the college offers. It has met all of my academic, financial, and social expectations, and is close enough to home where I can visit my family anytime.”

Zakira Jackson

George Washington Carver High School of Engineering & Science ‘18
Temple University

“I chose to attend Temple University because it was the best financial fit out of all of the schools I applied for. Also, I wanted to attend a school that had a city-like feel and that is what I will experience studying at Temple on Broad Street for the next four years.”

Shaheeduz Zaman

Central High School ‘18
Drexel University ‘22

“I chose Drexel University since it was a school that would challenge me academically and prepare me for a career through the Steinbright Career Development Center and co-op opportunities. Drexel’s faculty and staff are very pleasant to meet and talk to, which was quite important to me since I am a bit shy. The university was also my most affordable option thanks to the Liberty Scholarship.”

Kymble Clark

Central High School ‘18
Lafayette College ‘22

“I chose Lafayette College because of how the social and academic environment encourages inclusivity and open-mindedness. I am not only able to continue learning about subjects I am interested in, but I will also be exposed to new and riveting topics that I would have never thought of before.”

Jordi Olan

Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School ‘18
Albright College ‘22

Albright College is my best fit school because it offers diversity and the chance to work with individuals from other ethnicities and religions. Albright also offers a variety of opportunities on campus to gain experience in my field of study, while helping me achieve my personal goals.”

Connect with Philadelphia Futures

If you are interested in exploring a potential college partnership with Philadelphia Futures, please contact Sara Woods, President and CEO, by filling out this form.