Philadelphia Futures provides low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college. Our direct access programs, Sponsor-A-Scholar (SAS) and College Connection, provide academic enrichment, college guidance, and a range of other services for promising high school students attending Philadelphia’s public, charter, and parochial high schools.

Temple Futures Position

Course Descrption: The Career Research and Exploration Course is a partnership between Philadelphia Futures and Temple University that empowers students to make clear, informed choices about their futures through targeted career and professional development activities. As they progress through the course, students will evaluate their unique strengths and interests, investigate a variety of career options, explore an array of post-secondary education opportunities, set SMART goals, learn about the job application process, and refine the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century workplace. Students will also enhance their oral and written communication skills by completing reflective journals, conducting industry analyses, developing job application materials, participating in a group research project, and delivering a professional presentation. The goal of this course is to help students discover how they can leverage their passions, skills, and values to help achieve personal and career success.

The Writing Instructor will teach a class of 25 rising high school juniors enrolled in a summer academic enrichment course through Philadelphia Futures. Courses are held 4 hours a day, 5 days a week from approximately June 29th-July 31st.

Drexel Futures Position

Course Description: Drexel Futures is designed to provide students with the writing, research, and study skills needed to complete a college-level historical research paper. This course focuses on contemporary events (i,e. heightened Anti- Islamic and Anti-semetic sentiments, the civil right questions resurged by Black American and Latinx U.S citizens,and the claiming of public recognition by LGBTQ+ communities in recent years). We’d be remiss not to investigate the cultural, political, and intellectual histories feeding these contemporary moments. Students will perform a series of mini-assignments that places both the present and the past in conversation. This class will NOT solely study forms of oppression; rather, we are interested in the responses and resistance of the various actors who dare(d) to self-love. Themes of self-love — responses and resistance — will be explored while students build writing, speaking, computer, and study skills that foster academic success and career exploration. Ultimately, students will engage in discussion, create a group PowerPoint presentation to share what they have learned, and complete a strong final research paper.

The Writing Instructor will teach a class of 25 rising high school sophomores enrolled in a summer academic enrichment course through Philadelphia Futures. Courses are held 4 hours a day, 5 days a week from approximately June 29th-July 31st.

This course includes a field trip for the students to Washington DC. The trip is scheduled for July 15th and will run from approximately 7am-7pm. Students will have the opportunity to visit a college campus and tour the African American History Museum. The instructor is required to attend this field trip and will be supported with additional Philadelphia Futures staff members.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with Philadelphia Futures curriculum and academic specialists to develop, plan, and implement instruction designed to support preparation for college-level writing
  • Reporting daily on student attendance, assignment completion, and progress
  • Grading and evaluating student work, including but not limited to submitting mid-semester and final term reports

Qualifications for Instructional Positions:

  • Three-five years relevant teaching experience (preferably teaching high school level)
  • Demonstrated commitment to the education of Philadelphia public high school students and a clear understanding of related challenges
  • A teaching style that is structured, positive, and engaging
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • FBI and Child Abuse Clearances if hired

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Philadelphia Futures is deeply committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. Philadelphia Futures is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer. Minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.