For Parents and Guardians

Parent 1Parents and guardians of SAS students agree to continue supporting the strong academic performance of their children, participate in SAS activities and do all that is necessary for students to successfully complete high school, gain admittance to college and earn a college degree.



  • Discussing SAS's schedule with their child so that family responsibilities do not conflict with school and SAS activities 
  • Staying in regular contact with their child's SAS Coordinator
  • Reading the SAS Spotlight newsletter to stay up-to-date on program events Paying special attention to their son/daughter's class activities
  • Making sure that their child attends all SAS scheduled activities
  • Staying informed of parent activities and program events


  • Attending the Philadelphia Futures' Annual Conference with his/her child and mentor
  • Participating in Philadelphia Futures' parent activities
  • Ensuring that their child attends school daily and on time
  • Attending individual conferences with his/her child, SAS Coordinator, and mentor, as needed