Philadelphia Futures offers various hosting opportunities for employers and professionals to connect with our students through our Career Futures Internship Program and our Job Shadowing Program.

Host a Student for an Internship

LincolnInternThe Career Futures Summer Internship Program connects Philadelphia Futures collegians to meaningful opportunities for learning and development in a professional work environment. Philadelphia Futures has been working with collegians since they were in high school, and they have been well-prepared through academic enrichment, mentoring, college guidance, and other programming. The goal of this program is to help collegians fine tune soft skills and learn industry-specific knowledge that potential employers expect to see when hiring new college graduates. Collegians are seeking internships in a variety of fields, such as finance, accounting, marketing, technology, law, nonprofit/education, and medicine, in addition to several others.

Internship Guidelines:
• Internships must last a minimum of 6 weeks and total at least 120 hours (employers will determine specific dates and hours)
• Employers must compensate interns in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor standards defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act:

Employer Recruiting Timeline: 
• February 4:  Deadline to complete employer interest form
• February 11:  Receive collegian resumes via email
• Mid February through March:  Complete interviews with collegians
• March 31 (or sooner):  Notify Philadelphia Futures of your hiring decisions
• April 1 (or sooner):  Extend offers to selected collegian(s)
• April/May:  Coordinate onboarding and other logistics with collegian(s) and Philadelphia Futures as appropriate

Employer Expectations: 
• For virtual internships, provide the necessary resources and technology for the intern to perform their duties remotely
• Provide an industry-relevant experience with clearly-defined skill development and/or project based learning
• Identify a mentor who will work closely with the intern and communicate with Philadelphia Futures staff regarding intern performance
• Complete an intern performance evaluation at the conclusion of the internship to provide feedback on strengths, areas for growth, and career competencies

If you are interested in hosting a Career Futures Summer 2022 intern, please complete this form.

Host a Student for Job Shadowing

YMI Career DayThe Philadelphia Futures Job Shadowing Program is a structured matching process that connects collegians with employers for experiential career learning opportunities. Job shadowing allows collegians to observe professionals on-the-job, experience a typical work day or work week, and gain knowledge and skills related to their career interests. As a host, you should plan for a full day experience lasting between 1 and 5 days during winter break (December-January), spring break (March), or summer break (May-August).

Some activities hosts may consider integrating into the experience include:
• Guided tour of the facility
• Informational interviews with a variety of employees
• Attendance at meetings or organizational events
• Observing meetings/interactions with clients
• Meet and greet with recent college graduate hires or current interns
• Information about career/internship opportunities within the organization

If you are interested in hosting a collegian for job shadowing, please fill out this form. Once we match you with a collegian, we will provide information about their career interests and availability. You will then work directly with the collegian to finalize the job shadowing date(s), schedule, and logistical information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about hosting a student for job shadowing or for an internship , please contact Kelsie LeVan, Director of Career Initiatives at or 215-790-1666 ext. 430.