Philadelphia Futures Chosen as the First Case Study in “The Benchmarking Project”

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After being identified as a high-performing college and success program, Philadelphia Futures was selected as the first of Ativan 1 mg is used 30 minutes before sleeping. If the effect is weak, the dose may be increased up to 2 mg buy ativan online The Ativan pills may be used before and after meals. Every pill is used with water and swallowed entirely four case studies featured in the Benchmarking Project.

The National College Access Network (NCAN) announced the results of the first case study done in the Benchmarking Project – a collaboration between NCAN, its members, and the National Student Clearinghouse determining college access and programs’ collective success in guiding students through enrollment and post-secondary success.

After being identified as a high-performing program that other NCAN members can learn important lessons and strategies from, Philadelphia Futures was selected as the first of four case studies done for the Benchmarking Project. The case study highlighted “Philadelphia Futures’ data-driven decision-making, along with its peer-to-peer support, college admissions marathon, collegiate partnerships, and scholarship provision.”

Conducted by Ann Coles, senior fellow at uAspire, the case study included extensive interviews with program staff, leadership, partners, and students. Coles described the outcomes of the Philadelphia Futures case study stating, “Over 98 percent of the students enroll in college right after high school. While only 10 percent of Philadelphia high school graduates earn college degrees, Philadelphia Futures’ overall college graduation rate is 60 percent. The graduation rate has risen dramatically over the past decade, resulting in a projected graduation rate of 70 percent for the high school classes of 2005-2012.”

Philadelphia Futures is honored to have been selected as the first case study featured in the Benchmarking Project. To read the full results, please click here.


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