Philadelphia Futures is committed to improving educational and life outcomes for first-generation-to-college scholars through the following initiatives: 

Career Initiatives

In order to help students develop the critical 21st century skills needed for a successful transition into the workplace beginning in ninth grade and continuing through college graduation, Philadelphia Futures offers a variety of career exposure, exploration, and development programming. Students engage in early and ongoing career readiness programming to gain a comprehensive understanding of the world of work, set realistic academic and career goals, and make a plan to achieve them. Career readiness is incorporated into college access programming and college success programming and tracked with key career readiness metrics.

Young Women Rising

Launched in 2008, the Young Women Rising (YWR) Program provides gender-specific resources and support to our female-identified SAS and College Connection students focusing on the empowerment and enrichment of the young women in Philadelphia Futures. Through bi-weekly sessions and other events, including workshops, excursions, leadership opportunities, and career exposure, students explore topics that will develop the emotional, social, and leadership skills necessary to foster a holistic approach to college and career success.

Young Men’s Initiative

Launched in 2006, the Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) provides gender-specific resources and support to our male-identified Sponsor-A-Scholar (SAS) and College Connection students as they navigate high school, prepare for college, and prepare to lead enriching lives. YMI focuses attention and resources on the special needs of young men living in poverty and offers year-round, gender-targeted programming to improve the personal and academic outcomes for the young men enrolled in our pre-college programs. YMI cultivates the academic, non-cognitive, and leadership skills needed for lifelong success, and develops positive attitudes and beliefs about college, manhood, and careers.