We are proud to report that after college graduation, our alumni go on to experience great success. Learn more about where some of Philadelphia Futures’ alumni are now. Click here to learn more about our Alumni Network.

Melvin Pitts

Sponsor-A-Scholar, Class of 1996
Benjamin Franklin High School, ‘96
Penn State University ‘01, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Minor in Business Law
Philadelphia University ‘12, Master of Science in Taxation

“College and where I would end up in life was something I seldom considered until I became part of Philadelphia Futures.”

When the Sponsor-A-Scholar Program was still in its early stages of development, Melvin Pitts was urged by his eighth grade guidance counselor to apply to “this new program.” Though the concept of college was still unfamiliar, Melvin knew that he wanted a career that would not only provide financial independence, but also would be professionally and personally rewarding. Melvin spent hours in the Philadelphia Futures office with staff members who helped him select a college and navigate the overwhelming admissions process. Attending Penn State’s Smeal College of Business introduced him to the field of accounting and opened doors of opportunity. Today, Melvin balances his career with his responsibilities to his young family. Melvin has been connected to the Philadelphia Futures community for over 20 years now, and his life is a testament to his commitment to his own success.

Terrance Williams

Sponsor-A-Scholar, Class of 2001
Overbrook High School ‘01
Gettysburg College ‘05, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Holy Family University ‘08, Master of Education

“Philadelphia Futures changed my life. Introducing me to a small liberal arts college was the foundation for my success.”

Terrance Williams was among the first cohort of students to attend Gettysburg College – Philadelphia Futures’ first partner college. The rural setting was a powerful contrast to the city landscape that he was familiar with as a student at Overbrook High School. Terrance’s success is rooted in his ability to adapt to a new world. Understanding deeply the benefit of a Gettysburg education, Terrance drew on his Philadelphia Futures foundation and learned how to maximize the resources on campus.

Priscilla Núñez

Sponsor-A-Scholar, Class of 2003
Edison High School ‘03
Penn State University ‘08, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Pennsylvania ‘13, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Public Health

“My mother wanted a better life for her children.” Priscilla Núñez’s mother did not want her children to struggle financially the same way she did in order to raise her children in the environment they grew up in. Going to college allowed Priscilla to fulfill her mother’s dream, and fueled her own ambitions as well. By receiving her college degree, she changed the trajectory of her life and her children’s lives. College is now a given for her children, and she looks forward to allowing them a world of opportunity. She hopes that they will follow in her footsteps and become Nittany Lions!

John Hardin-Bey

Sponsor-A-Scholar, Class of 2005
Abraham Lincoln High School ‘05
West Chester University ‘10, Bachelor of Science in Finance

“My mentor taught me a lot about humility and focusing on others. Now that I am a mentor, I hope that I am able to provide the same support and prospective to my mentee. I have had the desire to give back for a while, and I felt that Philadelphia Futures was one of the organizations that I would do my best to support once I was able.”

John, who grew up in the Brewerytown neighborhood, connected with Philadelphia Futures during his freshman year at Abraham Lincoln High School. The most influential part of John’s Sponsor-A-Scholar experience was his mentor, Gary. John went on to attend West Chester University, and Gary helped John land an internship opportunity at Gary’s employer, Delaware Investments (now Macquarie Investment Management). John continued to intern with the company through his entire college career and, after college graduation, John was hired as an Investment Accountant for Macquarie.  John enjoys the opportunity to use the professional skills he learned through Philadelphia Futures in his position. John also serves as a Reserve Officer in the United States Marine Corps and serves as a mentor to a student in the SAS Class of 2019.

Jodie Chan

Sponsor-A-Scholar, Class of 2007
Motivation High School ‘07
Rosemont College, ‘11, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Rosemont College, ‘16, Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership

“I am proud of my decision to go to Rosemont College and where it has taken me.”

Jodie Chan wanted to have new experiences and try new things after graduating from Motivation High School in 2007. She met many supportive role models in college who empowered her to step out of her comfort zone. Whether it was an obscure class or the newest club on campus, Jodi jumped in with both feet. She took advantage of all that college had to offer and she discovered her potential as a leader. She now serves as the Grants Compliance Monitor for the School District of Philadelphia.

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