b'We are committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. We know that this work will take time and will require a deep commitment fromall who are involved with Philadelphia Futures. We also know that we will need help to truly transform, which is why we are hiring a consultant to help us. In the past few months, we have actively moved forward with our anti-racisttransformation in concrete ways. We have drafted a series of commitments that we will take to changeas an organization and examine how systemic racism and implicitbias may show up in our organization and our programming. We have created affinity groups for our staff. We have reviewed and updated our job postings. We have offered trainings for our volunteers and mentors aboutimplicit bias and how to best support our scholars. We have offered training for our staff on trauma-informed care of ourselves and our students. Finally, we are looking at our human resources practices, includingour employee handbook, salary structure, and performance evaluation system, to further our anti-racist transformation. We welcome your involvement in this work, both at Futures and in the world.Thank you for partnering with us.5'