b'PhIlaDelPhIa CITy OFFuTureS PhIlaDelPhIaHigh School Graduation Rate100% 69%Philadelphia Futures began a new strategic planning process in January 2019, College Matriculation Rate 98%55%following a successful leadership transition and the achievement of the major College Graduation Rate* 70%23%milestones of its previous strategic plan, including organizational integration *Classes since 2012following a merger with White Williams Scholars.Futures in Focus: Strategic Plan 2020-2025As we reflected on our history and strengths, and engaged with dierent stakeholdersthroughout the planning process, it became clear that Futures was at an inflection point. Strategic Priority #1: EXPANDThe strength of the organization lies in its comprehensive support for students fromEnsure more students have access to proven strategies that support college success. grade 9 through college graduation, andthe next five years presented1. 50% increase in2. Campus-based model3. 100% increase in the students in direct serviceestablished and implemented, number of high school andan opportunity for Futures: to build on the successes of the programs in ve years. including strategic partnerships college students served prior strategic plan, and leverage proven organizational with other organizations. through Outreach Futures.strengths to grow its impact in the region . Strategic Priority #2: DEEPENIn Philadelphia, only 69% of students graduate high school, only 55% go to college,Enhance our services to increase the success of our students.and only 23% of those who matriculate graduate college. In comparison, Futures results 1. Increase the college2. Increase or maintain3. Build a diverse are a testimony to the power of our approach. Our new vision for the future is a citygraduation rate (6-year)the percentage of studentsnetwork of engaged where every student has what they need to succeed in college and thrive in life. Ourto 80%, starting with thein each class graduatingvolunteers to enhance updated mission reflects this new vision: Philadelphia Futures supports low-income, Class of 2020. with manageable debt. student programs.first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources, and opportunitiesnecessary for admission to and success in college. Strategic Priority #3: SUSTAINPhiladelphia Futures launched the new Strategic Plan in January 2020. Invest in the human, financial, and technological resources to achieve our mission and vision. 1. FInanCIal: 2. TalenT: 3. TeChnOlOgy:Secure and eectivelyDevelop the appropriateImplement technology steward nancialboard and sta leadership,systems to enhance student resources for growth. skills, and structure. service and operations.8'