b'Career DaysCareer Research and Exploration Career ConsultationsPhiladelphia Futures oers two, gender-specific career The Career Research and Exploration Course is a partnership One on one career consultations are held by our Directordays for the Young Mens Initiative and Young Womenbetween Philadelphia Futures and Temple Universityof Career Initiatives with collegians and alumni to provideRising, which are held annually in the fall and spring.for rising high school juniors in the Sponsor-A-Scholar personalized support in the following areas: career Career Day is an opportunity to expose students to the Program. The course empowers students to make clear, exploration and planning, networking, LinkedIn, resumevariety of career options available to them, as well as a informed choices about their futures through targeted and cover letter development, job and internship searchchance to practice the non-cognitive skills that ensure career and professional development activities. As students strategies, and interviewing strategies/mock interviews.our students will be successful in college and career.progress through the course, they evaluate their uniqueFor each career day, Philadelphia Futures partners with strengths and interests, investigate a variety of careerWorkshops and Trainingsapproximately 10 companies and each company hostsoptions, explore an array of post-secondary education4 to 6 students. The day includes two components:opportunities, set SMART goals, learn about the jobRegular workshops and trainings are conducted to (1) career day programming and lunch at the company application process, and refine the skills they need tosupport career readiness. Topics include: resume andhost site and (2) a closing dessert reception where allbe successful in the workplace. Students also enhance cover letter writing, interview strategies and mock participating students and employers come together to their oral and written communication skills by completing interviews, professional communication, networking/share their key takeaways and reflections. Prior to each reflective journals, conducting industry analysis, developing LinkedIn, internship success, and senior career readiness.career day, students participate in a series of professional job application materials, participating in a group research Workshops are held over winter, spring, and summerdevelopment sessions related to first impressions,project, and delivering a professional presentation. The breaks and provide opportunities for collegians to networking, and company research. goal of this course is to help students discover how they expand their career readiness in each of these areas.can leverage their passions, skills, and values to helpachieve personal and career success.7'