b'While the transition to a remote environment proved to be challenging, there were many moments where the Philadelphia Futures community came together virtually to support our scholars, including the Philadelphia Futures Graduation Celebration.Focused and Adaptable: Philadelphia FuturesThe Philadelphia Futures physical oce closed on Monday, March 16, 2020, to ensure the safety of its students and sta and in response to a city-wide business shutdown. During this oce closure, Futures transitioned to a remote support model for all studentsand a 100% distance learning model for high school after-school classes and summer programming. This extraordinary pivot was made possible thanks to a tech transformationto a cloud-based environment that was already in progress and investments by key funders.However, for the Philadelphia Futures students and their families, this was and continuesto be a very challenging time. Students and their families faced many obstacles that impacted their basic human needs. Many struggled with loss of income, food and housinginsecurity, as well as access to reliable technology for remote learning. As an immediateresponse to these needs, Philadelphia Futures call to action was in three main areas: technology, gift cards, and the Opportunity Fund, established in 2017. The Fund oers relief for emergency expenses for students that, if not addressed, would prevent themfrom achieving their college dreams. 30 Thanks to the immediate and generous support of the Philadelphia Futures community,thirty Chromebooks and laptops were delivered to support students academic success,$147,000 was raised for the Opportunity Fund , and 70 gift cards were4 Chromebooks 70purchased for students to buy groceries and household essentials. & LaptopsGift Cards'